A small seed

Publish date 13-05-2023

by Ale & Eva

Everything starts from a small seed. The history of Sermig, as Pope Francis told us, is like a large tree born from a small seed.
All families in turn are trees. Roots planted in history, branches stretched out in the present, seeds projected into the future.

Each family arrived in Rome on January 7 with their own baggage of life: adults and children together, as if to link forever what comes from yesterday with what will be tomorrow. Younger children, young, almost adults. Boys who experienced the encounter independently or children who found themselves in front of the man dressed in white holding their parents' hand.
Certainly for everyone a moment that remains fixed in the memory: an attentive gaze, a smile dedicated personally to each one, words that pamper our stories, our choices, words that call us to greater responsibilities that must be kept, in the name of a Word which continually creates. We recognize ourselves as trees that have chosen to make a forest together.

Each tree with a story, a hope, an ability, a gift to make available.

Eva & Ale
NP February 2023

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