A project for schools

Publish date 11-06-2022

by Nicol Busi

After a period of pause, linked to the pandemic and restrictions, we enthusiastically resumed the meetings and workshops at the Arsenale della Pace dedicated to high school youth.

This new path continues in the wake of the Piazza Giovani radio-television format, born during the first lockdown in 2020.
The new project was written in collaboration with the Regional School Office: the classes participate, in different ways, having already embarked on a journey with the Arsenale, working and reflecting on the theme of conscience.

During the workshops, the young people also deepen the theme of good, what they can do for themselves, and what they can do for others.
In this journey they are confronted with the figure of Rudolf Hoss, his story and his dreams, unfortunately placed at the service of Evil, to stimulate their reflection and their conscience.

The goal of this path is to make young people aware of the value of their choices and their possibilities, in the context of a historical period in which, with a global health emergency underway, it becomes increasingly important to reflect on how our choices also affect others.

From these workshops it emerges that there is a need for young people to discuss, confront and investigate these issues, shed light on the reality that surrounds them and the impact they can have in the realization of good. The need therefore emerges to meet and dialogue, to look at the future and think about it better, together

Nicol Busi
NP February 2022

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