A home automation robot

Publish date 21-03-2022

by Stefano Ravizza

If the food processor is not enough for you, the robot vacuum cleaner is now old stuff, it's time for the new Amazon robot, Astro. It is a home automation robot with a large display on the front, but also a wheel system that sets it in motion. The lower base on wheels is capable of rotating 360 °, but the large display on the top also tilts and can move as needed. Furthermore, on the upper part there is a periscope camera capable of rising to more than a meter in height that can also be used remotely if we want to control our home from a distance.

Astro is capable of listening to voice commands and answering user questions, using Alexa technology but above all it is exceptional for video calls: it not only shows you the interlocutor on the screen, but moves and follows you if you move around the home. In short, something that you can no longer do without, unfortunately, however, it is only available in the United States and only for some users. I think we will get over it

NP Dicembre 2021

Stefano Ravizza

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