Il Sermig a Sangano

 The Sermig in Sangano

In 1988, with an intervention in the church, Rinaldo, accompanied by Simone Bernardi, now a priest in San Paolo in Brazil, turned to the parish priest Don Angelo Arisio and to the community of Sangano to seek support and help for the initiatives of Sermig.

Given the commitment of some in rebuilding the Arsenal (Arsenale), Rinaldo asks them to maintain a stable relationship with Sermig’s community and to open a local office in Sangano.

So it happened and the adventure began.


Since then, the Sangano Group has been the constant reference and support group for:

-          selection of drugs and clothing

-          transport and logistics for the Arsenal of Peace (Arsenale della Pace)

-          various solidarity initiatives in the country

The group is a strong presence for volunteering in the area and a spiritual link with the Arsenal of Peace (Arsenale della Pace).

The goal of the local office in the area is to establish a decentralized voluntary reference point with respect to the Arsenal (Arsenale), which can also attract elderly people who are unlikely to be able to move to Turin.

A big THANK YOU to what has already been done and to what can still be done, together.



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