Orto della Dora

It was an abandoned piece of land infested with brambles. Lair for mice and left to drug addicts.

The Sermig Re.Te group asked for it on loan for use, to redevelop the area and transform it into one of its didactic, experimental and productive gardens.

Today dozens of volunteers have "given back" it to its full dignity, in favor of those who sow, plant, harvest, experiment just next to the Arsenal of Peace (Arsenale della Pace).

Due to its proximity to the Sermig headquarters in Turin, it is therefore the garden that is most suitable to be a place of training and animation also for the hundreds of young people who spend time with us to deepen paths of spirituality, but also of manual service and activities.


THE PLACE - To create a meeting point for young people and ... "young people for a long time" ... in Turin with the aim of doing THERAPEUTIC & TRAINING agriculture for an agriculture of immediate solidarity (at 100 meters ...), on the ground and above the ground to produce vegetables for Arsenal (Arsenale) guests

THE CITY - a place of exchange - Emporio Speranza - between poor gardeners from the Turin belt and consumers of the city through the Agropolis association. Every week, an agreed and paid quantity of vegetables produced for the consumer's health is delivered at the beginning of the year: that "is good and ... does the good".

THE WORLD - a place of experimentation for agriculture and not only for developing countries. Reduction of water consumption. Use of renewable energies. New techniques. More and more it will be a "showcase" of Re.Te. - technological restitution - to practically present the development possibilities linked to new mediated technologies for the poorest on Earth.



Everything was done with donations and with the recycling of materials that others no longer use.



-          place where MANUAL WORK can be carried out: great social equalizer.

-          a "SERMIG" agriculture: productive, experimental, social but first of all THERAPEUTIC, for the body and soul of modern man and woman.

-          place in continuous transformation with the effort of many to become BEAUTY.

Lately we have placed two construction site containers to have:

-          the training and teaching laboratory

-          the electronics laboratory of Re.Te.


-          Experimental for development

-          Productive of food for the poor

-          Meeting between city consumers and local producers

-          Training for manual work

-          Therapeutic for the ills of the soul



INDIRIZZO Strada del Fortino 8 - Torino

Per qualsiasi informazione scrivere a sermig@sermig.org o telefonare a Rinaldo 348 8960152 o a Gianluca 328 7374990

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