Expeditions and Humanitarian Aid

Since its origins in 1964 and long before finding a home in the Arsenal of Peace, Sermig has had in its heart the dream of "eliminating hunger in the world".

Not a theory, but in constancy and humility a pragmatic to work to restore value to every resource and dignity to every man, woman or child.

Hundreds and hundreds of shipments of aid to populations living in a food, health, environmental or social emergency.

On this page you can find a gallery of posters summarizing the interventions in the main countries and the partners with whom we have worked.

The method: to work with reliable and well-known local partners over time to be able to account for every euro donated, for every material sent, but above all to be able to build with the local communities to lay the foundations for sustainable and gradually more autonomous development.

The grace that rises from the lives found, ours and others', is endless.

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