Orto del Marchile

Garden of  Marchile

The Marchile garden was born in 2011 from the desire of Adriano Longo and Pasquale Destefanis to give life to an educational garden. Partners were the 2 parishes of Piossasco and Sermig. The aim was to provoke the attendance by young people, who - by engaging in the work of the land - could learn cultivation techniques and above all train themselves in manual work. In several years of activity, with poor and recycled means, significant innovations have been achieved, such as the creation of soilless crops in greenhouses. The cultivation of saffron crocus, the manual excavation of a well for irrigation. Due to health problems of the two promoters, the activities could not continue as we would have liked just after the beginning.


Now the land will be managed by Sermig, which has been granted a free loan from the Parish and will be kept in the original spirit, with the addition of some new features:

Creating jobs for those affected by disabilities: "ALE project" a boy suffering from a syndrome that involves a strong reduction of the visual field.  "Ale" loves to work the land, but is unable to use agricultural machinery due to his deficit. The alternative of soilless cultivation in greenhouses will allow him an interesting and productive activity, in conditions of complete autonomy, selling  the  products directly from the greenhouse;

Preparation of some mini-lots for educational purposes with positioning of cans for cultivation by neo-gardeners and children; 

Cultivation of other mini-lots for elderly people from the nearby retirement home alongside children. A generational exchange in the field;

Emporium Speranza in Piossasco. For a truly ethical exchange between agricultural producers and consumers. Continuing the experience of Emporio Speranza at the Arsenale della terra, in Turin. A space for exchange between farmers and gardeners in economic difficulty and citizens who are required to participate in agricultural business risks in the face of the constant supply of healthy seasonal products and the territory.

The Marchile garden joins other activities in other sites (Villaggio Globale in Cumiana, Cascina Massetta in Santena, Orto della Dora in Turin), where Sermig, in the agricultural sector, attempts to:

-          give a job opportunity

-          create meeting places for people

-          meeting point to communicate hardship and transform it into service

-          didactics, generational and training meeting

to allow manual and therefore therapeutic work for the illness of our society, taking care of beauty through architect friends that contribute in making a vegetable garden a mirror of the soul of those who work there.





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