Welcoming hands and hearts

Publish date 20-07-2022

by Redazione Sermig

On the evening of Monday 28 February, a prayer vigil for peace involved many young people from the Pinerolo area, parish groups and scouts, people from the area and volunteers from the Sermig Global Village under the Tent of Peace. «God summons the people under a tent. If something works here, it works all over the world. We know that peace begins with us and with our actions aimed at good and never evil ", comments Rinaldo Canalis, soul of Re.Te. To welcome the people who bring help and then stop to pray together, the face of Mary Mother of the young , an ancient Russian Orthodox icon, also called Our Lady of the three hands. And there is an absolute need for welcoming hands and hearts in this dramatic historical moment. They are the young people who in recent years have attended the Global Village on Saturdays to "get their hands dirty" in the most disparate services. True artisans of peace who have begun to think that peace is made every day.

In addition, a collection of materials has been activated since Monday 28 February at the Global Village. Every afternoon, from 3 to 7 pm, an uninterrupted flow of people brings their shopping for the people of Ukraine. These aid will leave every day for Baia Mare in Romania - a town 60 km from the Ukrainian border - where the Foundatia of the volunteers of the Somascan fathers of Father Albano Allocco, which Sermig has supported with a truckload of materials a month since 1999, welcomes children and street children and now she is also assisting the thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine.

By the editorial staff
NP March 2022

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