Supportive containers

Publish date 06-12-2020

by Mauro Palombo

Seeing a container of aid leave is always a moment of real celebration, experienced by those present in the name of a joyful transpiration ... During the intense hours of loading, all the heavy seems to take off long preparatory work that requires method, patience, not a little effort and that nothing is left to chance. Inadequate packaging, awkward positioning, can have heavy impacts.

After the time of the lockdown, with all the necessary precautions, but with a lot of enthusiasm, the activity resumed. Loads for the Somascan fathers friends in Romania leave frequently, via Tir; they are a stimulating habit, which turns into life for many who benefit from it, and can take new steps to get out of desperate situations. Others, for “very distant lands” have to face long and “articulated” journeys both by sea and by land.
The last one, who left two months ago after a long preparation, has just arrived in Mkiu, Tanzania. The main beneficiaries are the various projects focused on the parish of Mkiu: the carpentry, the large photovoltaic system and relative electrical system to power it together with all the other works - future reception for children, and including maternity dispensary -, agricultural equipment, and those for the various other activities. Other material - tailoring workshops, computer rooms, school materials - will also be shared with the parish of Kipengere, the Consolata nuns, and the Teresine nuns in Iringa. The container itself will remain in the parish, as a useful and safe storage room.

Part of the material was purchased - the photovoltaic and the wiring / control panels -, with an important use of resources that is combined with the shipping costs themselves - offered by the hands of friends who become Providence -, but very efficient use in terms of quality / cost ratio, which in fact makes the choice lean towards purchasing and sending.

Much more is being recovered. Returning value to any resource that may still have it is a simple idea, but one that contributes to significant results for the poor. And particularly interesting resources are precisely the equipment, equipment, tools and instruments, as elements at the service of a project that enhances them: from agricultural machines to carpentry machines, from sewing machines to computer equipment, and so on.
It is clearly discarded material, but still potentially very productive, for a reasonable period of time. Each one is then developed and tested by many expert hands of volunteer friends who make their accumulated years of work available with great sympathy; and they often take the opportunity to communicate some of it to young people who come alongside, willing and curious.

The necessary economic resources are thus multiplied by technological resources, and skills transmitted from time to time alongside them. In each project, in line with the scenario in which it fits, combining both "suitable" technology solutions - because it can be managed without excessive complexity in its use - in maintenance, with latest generation solutions, opportunities studied and organized, for a step in more in favor of the whole community.

Mauro Palombo
NP October 2020

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