Vincenzo Spampinato - Freya Ridings - Ola Gjeilov

Publish date 08-04-2023

by Gianni Giletti

Micro song made of poetry and emotions, wind and sand, lights and shadows. Two light verses that make you dream, however, a seductive accompaniment that melts you away – especially in the second part, the little train percussion, which has always been in my heart – a text that evokes images that are both powerful and light, a voice that puts all together… a film without images of a minute and a half. Heartbreaking

How I love these voices! Dry, yet soft, a falsetto that excites. They make you dream, travel to the ends of the world, climb to the top of the skies. She is the usual one shot stranger, one shot fired in the middle of the forehead of your soul. A song that thrives on voice, where the vocal timbre is elected king for one night: there is no other. Or rather there is, but it is irrelevant, even if wise. But without her, nothing. Chills

Spectacular song, sung a capella. Here the author - on his youtube channel - has re-proposed it with a piano arrangement that enhances it, in my opinion, and makes it even more expressive, compared to other versions. A song of a profound and arcane beauty, which worries and seduces you at the same time, transporting you to the rarefied heights of a yearning prayer.
The pauses are wonderful, silences that ring, slowed tempo and the piano that has an arduous task, that of not breaking, accompanying and embellishing, however playing outside the canons. Hidden but wise arches. Spiritual

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Gianni Giletti
NP January 2023

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