Oh freedom - Rock’n’roll is king - Whatever devil is in me

Publish date 03-03-2023

by Gianni Giletti

The Golden Gospel Singer - Oh Freedom
Quoi dire? Un morceau de l'histoire du monde qui entre dans une chanson et qui nous reste pour toujours. Dans ce cas, ce n'est pas tant la beauté poignante de la chanson qui me frappe, mais ce qui est derrière nous: toutes les souffrances, luttes, injustices et exécutions, personnes, familles, sentiments et raisons, violence et paix ... est impossible de tout décrire en mots, mais la musique le fait pour nous.
Et rentrer à la maison / à mon seigneur / et être libre

Electric Light Orchestra - Rock'n’Roll is King
Ahahahaha, rock'n’roll always works. Even with the unsuspected Electric Light Orchestra, who did not do exactly their flag about this music. But it also works with them, also because it is damn simple. A rusted rolling is enough, a plane that always hammers the same acute notes, a bass that always does the same lap and the guitar that traka traka. And then you dance. Stop.
Rock'n’roll is the king

Chip Taylor - Whatever Devil is in me
Night ballad, a non -low voice, DiPippiù, but with a lot of class, very nice text, the rest to the minimum union, even if there is no lack of guitar that vibrates and which gives flavor to a song really under the carpet. Ballads of the genre today are no longer used and it is a shame because, even if a record of these songs is not imaginable, one in the deck is very well.
At least one

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Gianni Giletti
NP December 2022

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