Mi va di cantare - Dr. Jazz & Mr. Funk - Foxy Lady

Publish date 18-08-2023

by Gianni Giletti

Louis Armstrong - I feel like singing

When an artist is such, he can also sing in one of the languages that dinosaurs used in some geological era, but what comes out is always music. And generally pretty too. Here in 1968 he is in Sanremo and is forced to sing in Italian, with often hilarious results. But his voice and his trumpet, as always, become magic. He also enjoys playing and this is very few.

Bicycle Thieves - Dr. Jazz & Mr. Funk

I have always liked this band for the sound they have been able to express, for having found the Italian way to rhythm'n'blues together with Zucchero. The lyrics remain a bit weak, but fun, the sound is truly American, horns on the shields and bass that brushes and the show was guaranteed when they performed live.

Harry Manx - Foxy Lady

Harry doesn't deny himself, not even in front of Jimi Hendrix. His cover leaves little space for Jimi, from a musical point of view, because he puts a lot of him into it, but at the same time it revives those years and that music sixty years later. Invariably different, given the musical fields of the two musicians, but both bound by the same rebellious and unconventional spirit.

Gianni Giletti
NP May 2023

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