Coldplay - Anderson East - Count Basie

Publish date 16-07-2022

by Gianni Giletti

I must say, I struggled to find words in front of this passage.
From Coldplay, with whom I have always had a relationship of respect, but of distance, I did not expect it. But it enchants me, here.
One digit crooked chords, great melodic and harmonic taste, galactic sounds in all senses, it is a piece that in its originality can establish a genre.
Arcane music, beyond the sky. Cosmic music, which conveys a sense of peace.
Deep and evocative voices. Ancestral.

What a blow !!! Song with an intensity that frightens, voice in great dust, which rises to the highest peaks, music at the minimum wage, with an electric piano that accompanies only, even if with a certain charm, a bass that beats like a tinker, with timbre more like hip-hop than soul, percussions that are reduced to a rattle, but that spice up the song.
He is really very strong, his voice unhinges you, throws you into the abyss of feelings, puts anger and determination on you, makes you move from your corner.

Huge parterre of artists in this piece by Basie, who intervenes with his sipped pianism, in the midst of bunches of soloists, one better than the other, who compete, as in the days of New Orleans, to see who does the best solo. Roy Eldrige, Gerry Mulligan, Eddie Jones, Benny Morton, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins ... not to mention the rhythm section of Count Basie, Jo Jones, Freddie Green and Walter Page ... in short, the elite of the swing of that period, with the silent presence of two singing legends like Billie Holiday and Jimmy Rushing.
Frantic track, full of swing, with a wind section that is really frightening so much it pushes, soloists with unattainable virtuosity… We are at the world championships.
Masterfully restored sound. Mythical.

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Gianni Giletti
NP March 2022

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