Support the Arsenal in the Square

Peace will be possible when diversity becomes a richness, when no one is discriminated or killed because of their ideas or religious faith.

Peace will be possible when each child can grow, eat, go to school, receive medical treatment and make friends.

However, today reality is much different, but here at Sermig we believe in change and constantly work with children and families towards it.

The Arsenal in the Square is a recreational project for children and young people living in Porta Palazzo neighbourhood. It provides a space of coexistence, discovery, listening to diversity, education and playing in which each culture adds richness to the others.

We are: 75 children from primary school, 50 middle school students, 60 teenagers, 15 football players of our team ASD Sermig, 150 families and 200 volunteers.




Daily cost: 3 euros

Monthly cost: 60 euros

Annual cost: 540 euros (including: school equipment, sport, music and creative activities, educational trips)


Stay updated about our activities through our facebook page “Arsenale della Piazza”!



- become a shareholder. You can support our project Arsenal in the Square with a financial donation at our bank account “Associazione CENTRO COME NOI S. PERTINI - ORGANIZZAZIONE SERMIG DI VOLONTARIATO - Banca Prossima, IBAN IT42X0306909606100000003763;
- become a volunteer. You can share some of your time, skills and love to help children and participate with them to the activities we organise;
- you can do your traineeship at our place;
- you can donate stationery materials for our activities. Look up to our facebook page to see what we need.

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