A quarantined inn

Publish date 27-06-2020


This morning's meeting was to communicate the easing of the quarantine: from Monday morning, arsenal's gate will be open again. Before you think about what each of you is free to think, try to follow our thoughts...

This Sunday, June 28th, we will reach the 96th day of quarantine. 96 days of real lockdown, which we did because we believed – and still believe – that it was the best thing to do.

The Arsenal of Hope has become a "quarantined inn" that, in addition to protecting us, has made us redesign our way of being here and perhaps our way of being in the world. God knows how many situations, thoughts, and gestures have happened in those days. God knows why he accompanied them all, and now they are a very enormous asset, which will be part of the history of those who were there.

Douglas, one of the quarantined, said, "I'm surprised that people have remained so tolerant all this time. In proportion, there were few discussions. Here inside we are all different, each is a universe, but we can live together... Those who couldn't stand to be closed anymore, a little at a time, they left. After all this time, I also felt that 'living gets tired'".

This morning's meeting was to communicate the end of quarantine, but not the end of danger or fear. We have made a new pact, it will be a different and even more difficult way to protect ourselves, to care for, to continue to fight!

But for this, it would take another post ...

At this point, think what you think is best, but don't leave us alone.


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Quarantine at the Arsenal of Hope

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