Publish date 04-07-2021

by Mauro Tabasso

We who are "monthly" do our homework about a month before you correct it. So as I write this, it's still February. Well, I don't know if you know, but on the 17th of this month the "Cat Festival" was celebrated in Italy (now more than thirty years old, since it was born in 1990). Said this way it almost makes you laugh, but it could also make you cry, it depends on your point of view, even if if you think about it, in a period of pandemic and consequent prolonged isolation, the role of pets in maintaining a sort of personal and social balance is anything but to be underestimated. So we honor the merit, and we recognize the cat, the dog, the parrot, the hamster ... what they deserve, thanking them for the affection they give us, the pampering they take, the company they give us and everything. the rest. If you follow me in this newspaper, you know how much I love animals.

My wife says that when I talk about them I make people smile and write beautiful things; since they are beasts, I find it correct to speak well of my fellow men, that's all. In fact, from a certain point of view, even the musician is a companion animal and his species includes a huge variety of breeds, each with specific characteristics: the most obedient (the organists), the less obedient (the guitarists), the wildest ones. (the percussionists) and other more domestic ones (the pianists), those who live well only in packs (choristers, violinists and all string instrument players) and those who do not tolerate another rooster in the hen house (the singers, intended as soloists , of course), the humblest ones (players of traditional instruments) and the most egocentric ones (guitarists, but electric ones, specifically), etc. etc. In short, a great zoo that expresses itself best when it moves (or rather plays or sings) in unison, or in harmony. So the cat has his party and the musician doesn't.

There is a music festival (June 21st) but not that of the musician. Yet without one, the other does not exist. His role is underestimated ex officio already in non-critical times, imagine during the pandemic ... Yet his activity keeps us company every day (or every night), all year round. I also find that in this unfortunate period the musician is a very good example. Leaving aside the fact that it represents one of the most economically affected categories, those who make music for a profession and have not worked for about a year, have nevertheless continued to study, try, practice, experiment, with perseverance, tenacity and resilience, not only to become good but not to lose everything he has learned with time and sacrifice. Many of my species and my race have continued to stay on target even without working, in the unshakable hope of resuming their business, and in this, I must say, they give me courage, faith and hope. They are believing in it and they are trying, they are trying to survive with all the means at their disposal, to return (as well as to get the right sustenance) to give us joy and fun as soon as possible. They move me a little and remind me of salmon, another beast I've often talked about, a stupid fish that goes against the tide regardless of everything, even death. Did I make you think, maybe smile? Ha ha! And now try stroking the cat without thinking a little about me! However my wife can confirm that I am a rather tame animal, I eat everything, not dirty in the house, I never bark.

Mauro Tabasso
NP March 2021

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