Like Donald Duck

Publish date 08-06-2022

by Mauro Tabasso

I think Mickey Mouse (correct me if I'm wrong) is a newspaper, a decidedly old-fashioned comic. Disney Chanel today is more devoted to science fiction, superheroes, fantasy and evil than to mice, dogs, cats and ducks.
But I grew up with these animals (real and paper), and their stories, even if terribly dated, still accompany me, and their irony, their way of seeing life has become part of mine.

Let's put Mickey aside for a moment, who basically doesn't like anyone, perfect, cool, intelligent and know-it-all as he is (but who do you want to identify with?). Donald is the real star of the whole cast. We have all recognized ourselves in him at least once, and if we have not done so we would like to do it.
I too would like to test the Paperflex mattresses. And then, let's face it, he sleeps during the day because at night he is busy doing Paperinik, my favorite superhero ever forever in the world.
Her desire for redemption belongs to us, as does her wanting to hold that Daisy wheelbarrow that as soon as Gastone makes her anchovy eyes falls into his arms; we all find ourselves in his overdue bill and in the last notice of late payment received yesterday. Despite everything he manages to raise three lively, lively, beautiful, curious and intelligent grandchildren. It is not cheap.

Then we take Uncle Scrooge, with the warehouse full of all his zillions, intent on recycling for the fourth time the tea bag that Miss Paperett (his secretary) has recklessly thrown in the bin. Two ducks that represent a very nice dichotomy. Who would I be? Who do I find myself in? Would I like to wake up as Uncle Scrooge or as his nephew?

Between the two, it is certainly the second who sleeps and dreams better.
The greedy is too worried not to be robbed by the Dachshunds and to make Rockerduck shoes. I doubt that he sleeps well at night with his him shoving a load in his arms, and that during the day he can be happy. Except for his daily swim in dollars, I imagine that he lives in anxiety, in stress, in the Gaviscon, just like many of us who are stressed and don't even swim between euros. So the question is, can I be as happy as Donald Duck? I don't know, but there is one thing I try to do every day, and it always makes me feel good: thank you! I try to say thank you for 5 minutes on the clock a day, but not in thought, out loud. I have a lot of things to say thank you for.
Now I am listening to Symphony No. 9 From the new world of Dvorak, and I thank you for this sublime gift to humanity. As the mental coaches say (today they are all coach heads ...), gratitude is a highly empowering mental attitude (mindset) , because you it makes you understand that there are many gifts you have received and that you could also give to yourself, and this puts you in a better condition than you think you have.
To thank, therefore, for getting better, but also because it is right, because, even if we are in the guano, we all have something or someone to be grateful to, confidently awaiting the new world that the above music praises so well. />

Mauro Tabasso
NP February 2022

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