Life in balance

Publish date 08-04-2021

by Mauro Tabasso

This morning I woke up dazed like a broken bell. But after all, it's Monday, and Monday is a very bad awakening for a lot of people.
It is not known why; perhaps because you don't want to go to work and this depresses you, or because the weekend at home, with your family (or alone) was much more depressing than a week of work. In short, we are never happy. However, even I who love both my work and my family, this morning, as soon as I wake up, are not at all lively. And since I always tell myself (quoting Monica Vitti) that "the world does not belong to those who get up early, but to those who are happy to get up", I tell myself that I will be better after a hot shower. And after a shower I tell myself that I will be better after a cup of coffee. Only after the second inconclusive coffee do I ask myself "What do I need to feel good today?". Ah, here's the one million euro question from the early evening quiz. What do we need to feel good? Back to normal maybe? The one that Covid and the compilation of all the red, yellow and orange DPCMs have taken away from us? Yeah, because before Covid everything was fine and we never complained, did we?

But please ... When we complain we tend not to be happy. Could it be that we have always sought happiness in the wrong place? Or with the wrong people? And looking for something in the wrong place or with the wrong people we will hardly find it. It would be like asking a teetotaler to show you a wine bar ... But no, we want to find happiness right there, where we want it to be, because it must conform to our will, our ideal, our expectations. We want it to respond to our standards, at least to those that we project in front of us. We want to be loved in our own way, not as others love us (i.e. in their own way). And with these premises, the probability of being happy is roughly that of picking a porcini in the desert. We are at the beginning of the new year, and the holidays we have just spent in such a surreal way for us in the "first world" could (and should) also have led us to reflect on our higher values, and I'm not talking about cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides ... I feel happy when I manage to find a balance between all the most important areas of my life. I need money, but I may not have someone to share it with, to spend it on.

Or I might have money and love, but not health, so I wouldn't enjoy it anyway. Or I could have health and affections but not what I need to support myself, I could be out of work, for example. For me, happiness is the eternal search for a chemical balance between all these components. I need them all in equal measure, each of them is necessary, and I would add that I also need time and energy to devote to my spiritual growth, to my inner journey. Happiness lies in my ability to find this balance.
I've been saying this for years, balance is the most precious asset of all, when we literally lose it, we falter. Music is like that too, that's why I love it. He constantly talks to me about life and the world I would like, with its simple (but not easy) games of balances between all its components (melody, rhythm, sound and silence ...). What a wonderful story we have before us waiting for us. So after the second coffee and all these ruminations in between ... I run to meet her and go!

Mauro Tabasso
NP january 2021

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