I hope, therefore (R) I exist

Publish date 08-04-2023

by Mauro Tabasso

I hope, therefore (r)exist is our "updating" of René Descartes' thought, which became the title of our Christmas event on December 22nd, of which you can find a small photographic excerpt here.
Anyone who doesn't hope is technically "desperate", so in the best of cases he can survive, certainly not live. And we have chosen to hope, therefore to try to really live.
We wanted to affirm this in music in the Christmas concert of the aforementioned Sound Laboratory Youth Orchestra, an appointment that has "returned" after two years of the pandemic, and which we hope will once again become a pleasant regular cadence of our activity.
The music that excites us never ceases to give us hope, and therefore to give us the strength to try to live in fullness; especially the music made together, in a magnificent team game.
It encourages us, gives us joy, educates to beauty, commitment, discipline. In short, it is a true school of "hope" and therefore of (r)existence, of life.
We never get tired of repeating it to ourselves.

Mauro Tabasso
NP January 2023

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