Above are the hearts and the immune system

Publish date 25-02-2024

by Mauro Tabasso

December 2023 represented a small record for the Sound Laboratory. We were called upon to face numerous commitments, all beautiful and noteworthy, some included in the Municipality's review Christmas lights up Turin (curated by Orlando Ferraris' Zip Agency), like the Sand Art show on the notes of the harp, with our Sara Terzano and the students of the singing course Moderno by Roberta Bacciolo, an event at the Automobile Museum with the Guitars of Peace conducted by Gian Paolo Lopresti, up to the concerts (two! both sold out) of the Arsenale della Pace Youth Orchestra , always accompanied by the choir Now it's time for joy directed by Paola Marcolongo and Danilo Agosta, now our sincere and smiling friends for some time. We held the first of these concerts at the church of Maria Regina della Pace, for the December Musica review, XXI edition, (Ippogrifo association with the artistic direction of Luigi Di Cesare) and the second on December 24th, at the prestigious hall of the Conservatory “G. Verdi", closing the exhibition Christmas lights up Turin.

Like very good soldiers, we focused on all these objectives and (putting modesty aside) I believe that we did not fail even one. In addition to this we met all the commitments of the Arsenal and various Christmas services (those 7-8-9). Finally (but this is only my problem) I had a house full of people on both the 25th and 26th (I cooked and froze food for a week...). Thus, on the 27th, as punctual as Fantozzi's speech bubble, the feared flu appeared, exorcised for days. I was less bad with Covid (three reruns of which the first was when it had just come out, because new models always attract...). Now I'm under the covers and I can't get warm. Our ancient ancestors, the men of the Mucolytic era, probably lived like this (but without blankets). I have a lot of work commitments, and (quoting Andrea Rivera) I should be nice Supradin, I'm telling myself that I'm Fluifort, that this Bronchenol it will pass in an Actimel. The truth is that I'm back to being stressed like when one day I was managing Antonetto, a service center, a path that was clearly not mine. My current doctor, a DOC Englishman, Dr. Cat Arrow prescribed everything for me. Now I take Stounsaccomal (suppositories) and Speriamoben (tablets), two truly extreme remedies. But nothing. I also tried Tachipirinha, a Brazilian solution used to treat Saturday night fever, and I spread plenty of Vox Vaporub on my chest to clear the airways. , but in vain. All I have to do is wait... Meanwhile I have breakfast with a slice of pandoro (leftover, in fact it's a bit Seki) dusted with icing Oki, and a glass of Gaviscon, still dry white. Our 4 cats who want to enter the house look at me from the window, you can understand why they inflate the Codex; but my two (deceased) Canesten moved it. Patience, they will wait for my wife to show up, but while I look out I let my imagination fly, I line up all the emotions of this December (which I tend to "freeze" at the moment) and try to get excited for this new year. I maintain that when you have an important goal, you rarely get sick.

The will you have to center it is of enormous support to our body's defenses. And positive emotions, such as cheerfulness, happiness, joy free us to Malox more and better than drugs. What a beautiful light outside today, the weather really feels like Dulcolax. I've always wanted to live among the Vegetallumina, with Tantum Verde around, and I can't see the It's time to go back outside to enjoy it and recharge my batteries in the fresh, frosty morning air. Meanwhile, I also think of you, and of the world, and I am increasingly convinced that music, whether it has an influence or not, makes life better, more beautiful, brighter, heals parts of the body that we have forgotten we have and that seek harmony (and we Deserve it!). And with this I wish you a happy new year and greet you in the way that has become fashionable at the Sound Laboratory, that is: raise your hearts and your immune system, the Mucolytic will pass into a Moment (Let's hope for the best…).

Mauro Tabasso
NP January 2024

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