A pure joy

Publish date 28-10-2022

by Mauro Tabasso

At the Laboratorio del Suono Academy, as in any respectable music school, the end of the academic year is always a time of great celebration. It is the greeting that is given before the summer break, it is a musical and above all emotional hug that students, teachers, parents and friends often exchange, thanking each other for the approximately 9 months spent together, playing, studying, having fun and growing .

This year our Academy wanted to celebrate its feast at the beautiful Basilica of Superga, an architectural pearl, one of the symbolic places of our city, very significant for all the Turinese, who for devotion, who for tourist and / or geographic affection, who for sporting, cultural, artistic reasons.

On 18 and 19 June the Basilica welcomed and framed our music and our young actors (who have returned live for the first time since the pandemic) in an authentic explosion of deep, intense, devastating emotions. I didn't count the people in tears, the hugs we received (impossible) after the three standing ovations for our boys.

A party that we will never forget, embellished by the presence of our new friends from the choir “Now it's time for joy”, directed by Paola Marcolongo. And it was pure joy, great, profound, liberating. Now, from the bottom of our hearts, we can only say our most sincere thanks.

Mauro Tabasso
NP June / July 2022

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