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Saturday, 7th September 2019

In His own image: a journey in the spirituality of Turin


Sunday, 14th July 2019 

On the road to Damascus - RAI 1

In Turin, within an ancient arsenal, no more weapons are produced, but peace.

From this former military arsenal, “On the road to Damascus” tells the story of Sermig, a community experience of peace and hospitality that started in 1964 from the intuition of Ernesto Olivero.

Eva Crosetta interviewed many people who, every day, experience Sermig solidarity, inspired by one ideal: peace.

Among those many accounts, there is the story of love and hope of Massimiliano, former punk, and Susanna who, after a serious incident, managed to avoid desperation thanks to Sermig, a place in which everyone is welcomed and goodness disarms.

Sermig also provides classes of Italian language, a Sound Lab, an outpatient clinic with orthopaedic, paediatric and dental services, and many voluntary experiences, among other projects and activities, as weapons to defeat poverty and solitude.

Rinaldo Canalis and Rosanna Tabasso, two of the young people who followed the dream of Ernesto Olivero, will retrace the first steps of this extraordinary mission of peace conducted in the suburbs of Turin.

To conclude, from the Chapel of Croce dei dolori, Ernesto Olivero will recall the accomplishments of Sermig and its role in the world, its inspiration and the new challenges it will have to face.


Friday, 11th July 2019

Stefano Garzaro told us the story of a project that develops every Sunday at the Arsenal of Peace, where children of different nationalities and social conditions, and with different pasts grow together, like a family. And it is from their stories that we can really perceive the need to discard all those policies of refusal of immigrants to create a new Italy, surrounded by no more walls.

LA VOCE E IL TEMPO by Stefano Garzaro


How it works: Felicizia, the ideal city for young people - video agi


Interview to Ernesto Olivero on TV2000


Wednesday, 2nd January 2019

from La Stampa 

“Felicizia”, an ideal city within Turin.

It is not only an imaginary city, but also a new way of experiencing human relations, transforming friendship into an antidote to defeat the fear of difference. Indeed, “Felicizia” is located in Porta Palazzo, the most multiethnic neighbourhood of Turin, where 55 years ago a military arsenal became a factory of peace. And on the 26th November, at Sermig, the 200 children of 35 different nationalities who created Felicizia conferred the honorary citizenship on the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella. So, in turn, during his speech for the end of the year, he told to the Italian people of this dream that indicates friendship as the path towards happiness. He said: «We shall avoid limiting our dreams and our hopes to the childhood, because good feelings contribute to the improvement of the whole community». When we are children, as when we become adults.

Lidia Catalano

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