Thanks Father Athos!

Publish date 16-04-2021

by Arsenale dell’Incontro

On December 19, during the Christmas novena, the Lord suddenly called to himself Father Athos of the Little Family of the Annunciation founded by Giuseppe Dossetti. Father Athos was the first successor of Don Dossetti at the head of the community and since 2013, having finished his assignment, he was in Jordan, where the Little Family has been present in Maìn with a community of brothers and sisters since 1983. The community of Maìn is a point of reference for our Fraternity since our arrival in Jordan in 2003. They immediately accompanied and supported us as sisters and older brothers, in the beautiful moments and also in the most difficult and painful moments.

The love for God and the profound desire to be at his service in the Holy Land that unites us has led over the years to a profound harmony and spiritual friendship between our two communities, apparently very different from each other - theirs of contemplative life, in ours is an Arsenal open 24 hours a day - but truly united as one heart and one soul in trying to be simply Christians.

Father Athos was a person as deep and immersed in God as he was simple and easygoing. A glance was enough to understand each other, a word was enough to leave in a dark moment. How many times have we seen him being moved by listening to our stories. How many times in recent years Ernesto and Rosanna when we needed advice on the spot, when we needed discernment, have told us: "Go to Athos, compare yourself with him." And he is always ready, always available.

For how many people he has been a reference in these 7 years in Jordan probably only the Lord knows, but there are certainly many! It leaves a void that humanly will be difficult to fill, for all of us, for the Church of Jordan ... but we are certain that the Lord knows and equally certain that his departure for Heaven will be a blessing for many, for all, as it is. was his life. We believe it by faith, even if we still don't see how. We thank with all our heart for having met him and for the piece of road we shared on earth, confident that he will continue to help us from Heaven. One of our volunteers who knew him well told us: "I am sad, but at the same time happy because now he sees the Lord whom he loves so much". For us too it is a bit like this, the sadness of separation is combined with the joy of a fullness reached, which once again helps us to feel Heaven and earth ever closer, ever more one.

Thanks Athos, from the heart, we love you! Let's keep walking with God. Together.

Arsenal of the Encounter
NP January 2021

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