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Publish date 09-11-2021

by Arsenale dell’Incontro

At the end of this very special school year - in which even here at the Arsenale dell'Incontro we had to experiment in the total novelty of online teaching and in trying to find the most suitable ways to be close to our children and young people and their families - we find ourselves amazed and moved by this "adventure" that we never imagined could bear such fruit even in a difficult time like the one we are experiencing. We wish to report and share with all of you the numbers of this experiment to thank all those who made it possible: from teachers to families, from our children and teenagers to volunteers, to all those who in many different ways have continued and continue unabated to support us by allowing the Arsenale to keep its doors open every day. The first thanks is for being able to reach and continuously involve 243 of the 265 children and young people with disabilities who attend the Arsenale, thanks to the commitment and imagination of the educators who have invented everything to really try not to leave anyone behind. and to the tenacity of many families who have not been discouraged by the difficulties of this time.

From September 2020 to May 2021, the 6 class groups of children aged 6 to 16 had three weekly appointments, for a total of 612 meetings of one and a half hours each; the children aged 16 to 30 met twice a week, divided into groups of up to 10 people each, for a total of 341 lessons lasting an hour and a half. A total of 7928 online lessons were offered to children and young people followed in individual sessions, of which: 2,401 of speech therapy, 1,477 of the preschool accompaniment program, 1,346 of occupational therapy, 1,288 of physiotherapy, 1,416 of the individual educational support program .

To these numbers must be added the almost daily telephone consultations, both for those who are already enrolled in the activities of the Arsenale and for all those who have contacted us in recent months to receive help.
There have been 37 new children who, together with their families, have been supported in recent months with remote listening, counseling and psychological support, waiting to be able to receive them here at the Arsenale in presence. All these may seem "just numbers", but in reality they were all precious appointments to make everyone feel loved, expected and sought after by the Arsenal, they were one by one fundamental opportunities for all of us to try to cross and overcome this together. difficult time. Really heartfelt thanks to everyone!

Arsenal of the Encounter
NP June / July 2021

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