The Orchestra of the Arsenale della Pace of Turin was born in 2000 as a group of young musicians led by Mauro Tabasso, artistic director and permanent director of the organic; in the course of these years he then incorporated the educational experience of the music courses held at the Laboratorio del Suono at the Arsenale della Pace itself, involving professors and students.

Today the Orchestra unites children, teenagers, young people with music, and, through it, has become the musical expression of the Arsenale della Pace itself, launching with its activity the message that every day the Arsenale launches into the world. Through musical language, young people find values, motivations, a sense of living, overcoming difficulties and a sense of coexistence, studying, working and even having fun, sharing a common experience and language.

The orchestra's unique and original features are the organic (strings, guitars, electric bass, harp, flutes, clarinets, trumpet, percussion, piano and keyboards, accordion) and the repertoire that ranges from the classic, the popular, the modern, thanks to the arrangements of Mauro Tabasso, also author of original pieces composed specifically to express in music intentions and feelings of the Arsenal of Peace.

The mission of the Arsenale della Pace is carried out in the musical sphere through professionalism and aspiration to improve and perfect oneself, elements that are at the base of work organization, which in turn is directed towards two main objectives: educational-musical growth and artistic activity in which the Orchestra is gradually involved.

The work aimed at the educational-musical growth (in addition to the tests and the curricular study) is characterized by the attention placed by the artistic direction and by the teaching body in creating opportunities for confrontation with highly qualified realities or personalities so that the members of the orchestra are encouraged to continuous improvement.

For this reason meetings have been organized and organized with personalities of the highest artistic level: Carlo Maria Giulini, Salvatore Accardo, Evelino Pidò, Guido Maria Guida, Ramin Bahrami.
The young musicians can thus experiment with a different approach to study and work organization, and receive advice and suggestions from those who, by profession, work with large and tested organic, or have made and made music a real job.

The meetings are always open to the city, because the Arsenale della Pace is the metropolitan monastery of Turin and also the culture that is produced there is made available to anyone who wants to enjoy it.

The artistic activity takes place through real music production and is very often linked to events or situations organized and followed directly by the Arsenale della Pace;


Next date will be comunicated at the beginning of every academic year. 
Any further information at: scuola@labsuono.it

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