Laboratorio del Suono Academy is the music school of Sermig. Born in 1998 at the Arsenale della Pace from an idea of ​​Ernesto Olivero (Founder of Animatore del Sermig) and Mauro Tabasso (President and Artistic Director), with the aim of spreading (through music) the culture of dialogue between young and old , of every ethnicity, race, age and religious belief.
An idea shared today by over 280 students, aged 3 to 70, who attend courses taught by professional teachers and musicians.
The dream of the Laboratory is to make people who attend it in various capacities fall in love with music, in the belief that the passion for an art (for music, in particular), in addition to acculturating people, enriches their life and their sensitivity , arousing positive feelings, hope, dialogue and peace.
The School has always been managed as a real "musical welcome", a place where a special place is sought for everyone.
Within the School, various groups of groups (Guitars of Peace, Assemble Archi, Ensemble Flutes, Chamber Music Group, etc.) and the Youth Orchestra and the Choir of the Peace Arsenal ( about 100 items).
There is also a special and large group of friends, students, parents and / or grandparents of the students, who together represent an authentic "strength" for the School, with their joy, their vitality, their desire to be together and above all their willingness to work for free at the preparation of events and concerts in which the School is called to participate or to animate.
The institute has 10 rooms used for lessons, each perfectly equipped, two auditoriums, a vast park of instruments and a modern recording studio to make their own musical productions. The firm is also open to projects and collaborations with external bodies or clients.
From 2018 the Laboratory has an agreement with the St. Music Conservatory "G. Verdi ”of Turin.
An important recognition that rewards seriousness and attests to the professionalism with which all the staff (teacher or not) have worked for twenty years.

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