Educational project "Il Dialogo"

Nursery school “Nido del Dialogo”

Every day, Sermig meets and listens to thousands of people in many different cities around the world. Thus, in our Arsenal of Peace, in which everyone can meet God and experience silence and justice, there is no space for words like “hate”, “enemy” and “possession”. There, Jews and Muslims are friends, Christians and atheists have a dialogue and black people and white people collaborate for peace.
For us, promoting this meeting means supporting solidarity and peace.

And Sermig has always been doing it with young people. The activities our “Arsenal in the Square” organises for children and the young allowed us to better know how life goes in the neighbourhood of Porta Palazzo, one of the most difficult of Turin, also because of the high percentage of immigrants it houses. This is the reason why we chose to promote coexistence, starting from small children. We wish to start from the beginning to aim high.

In addition to this, we want to provide a service not only for the children, but also for their families and in particular for parents, to equip them with the right tools to face their difficult everyday role.

Thus, we thought to create a multiethnic nursery schooland we opened it at the beginning of 2010. Starting from children education, “Nido del dialogo” raises peace and contributes to integration, involvement and health and civic education: different aspects that each family, Italian or foreign, needs to deal with in this historical moment.

“Nido del Dialogo” is located within a building of the old military arsenal that houses Sermig. The whole complex has been refurbished in an eco-compatible way and has been thought to fit children’s needs.


It was also developed to respond to the needs of this particular neighbourhood and it is part of our educational project, also including a kindergarten and a kid’s club.


This project was developed thanks to the collaboration between Sermig and cooperative LiberiTutti.
It hosts 28 children from 3 to 6 years old and operates according to the objectives established by Italian Preschool Federation F.I.S.M, with which it has a partnership.

This project was developed as an expression of the commitment of the local community to respond to the social need of preschool education. It also represents an expression of identity and a duty of solidarity, to allow each child to learn while fully developing their own personality.

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