The Square

The PRAÇA initiative, the result of the partnership between SERMIG - Fraternity of Hope and the Parish of Our Lady Aparecida dos Ferroviários, is born as a meeting place for youth, but open to all, to carry out life-promoting activities. strengthening the community.

The headquarters of this initiative is the small chapel located at the intersection of Doctor Almeida Lima Street and Visconde de Parnaíba Street, near the Immigrant Memorial, in the Mooca neighborhood.

PRAÇA is a path that springs from the conviction that “little ones can do big things” by performing gestures and actions that can stimulate everyone's desire to do more for the neighborhood, the city and (why not?) The world.

In the neighborhood there are many problems that need to be solved, or at least tackled, but there is also a good thing that is just waiting to be done: elderly people living alone, experiencing difficulties; patients just waiting for someone to visit; migrants who have left their land out of desperation and who cannot find a friendly place to integrate into; men living on the street; so many young college students who fill the bars of these streets, often not knowing what to do with their time, their skills, their creativity; so many children who often play alone or indoors at home or on the building blocks ...

With all this, no one can rest easy! Why not start with us? No sooner said than done! “I BEGIN ME!” Was the response of the young people from A PRAÇA, who put this phrase as a motto, even on their t-shirts.

Since the beginning, there have been many activities carried out by the PRAÇA friends: in addition to the prayer time held every Wednesday at 6.30 pm (Prayer of Vespers and Mass celebration), on Saturday meetings from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm young people from PRAÇA have already gathered to clean the site, sorting out donations and other solidarity gestures in the service of the community, playing soccer in front of the chapel, organizing a scavenger hunt for the neighborhood children, holding a prayer vigil to ask peace in Syria ... Anyway, a little of everything!

With the World Youth Day, which in July 2013 brought together young people from around the world in Brazil, the activities of PRAÇA intensified with the preparation of the welcome of many foreign pilgrims during the “Mission Week” and the group's own departure. of young people to attend the big meeting in Rio de Janeiro. On the return, in line with Pope Francis' strong calls for greater commitment and protagonism of the youth, came the decision to continue the journey, in fact, to open up even more to the community and its needs.

Is the SQUARE being a success? Well, the facts done so far speak for themselves, but success goes beyond actions. Success is in the journey undertaken, a small demonstration that with good will and a constant presence, (good) things happen!

Follow our activities, or better yet, come and see!

When: every Wednesday from 18:30 to 19:30 and every Saturday from 14:30 to 17h.
Location: former RAILWAY CHAPEL, Dr. Almeida Lima Street, 750, Mooca
Contact: -


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