Help the Arsenal of Hope in Brazil

Publish date 20-01-2021


If you want to help the Arsenal of Hope to remain open to welcome and preserve the lives of the hundreds of people welcomed, promote a CAMPAIGN TO COLLECT the various necessary materials or contribute with a MONEY DONATION:

PIX for donations: CNPJ 62.459.409 / 0001-28
DEPOSIT or TRANSFER: Banco Santander - Agency: 0144-Account: 13-003147-6-Sermig Subscriber Association - CNPJ: 62.459.409 / 0001-28.

- Non-perishable food
- Disposable masks and gloves (size G)
- Interleaved paper (2 folds with 1.000)
- Black garbage bag (200 and 60 lt.)
- Common cleaner
- Disinfectant
- Toilet paper
- Disposable razor
- Napkins (18 x 22 cm)
- Disposable cups (200 and 300 ml)
- Disposable meal cutlery (knife and fork)
- Sling (sponge)
- Furniture shine

Here we renew some invitations ...

Every Monday a new episode of ′ ′ Good day ", the Arsenal della Speranza podcast [on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer and Castbox].

Tuesday Live ′ ′ All under the same tent ", to learn more about the history, charisma, spirituality and method of SERMIG [on youtube/arsenaldobrasil].

Sunday Mass celebrated by the priests of the SERMIG Brotherhood [on youtube/arsenaldobrasil].


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