Growing forest

With the “GROWING FOREST” project we work to ensure that all young people - of age and spirit - become protagonists of the present and the future, partners in the fight against hunger, misery and injustice in the world. Convinced that “no one is so poor that he has nothing to give, and no one is so rich that he has nothing to receive…” (Dom Helder Camara), we dream of a society where each person can give to others.

Together with the host of the Arsenal of Hope and all those who believe in building a better world from their lives, we carry out hundreds of concrete actions of solidarity: helping nurseries, orphanages, nursing homes, shelters, taking care of the city's streets, promoting food collections, organizing blood donations, visiting the sick and the prisoners.

It sounds like a utopia, but Dom Luciano Pedro Mendes de Almeida's dream of “joining together to do good” is possible. We would like this FOREST to grow so much more through new friends who believe and say “YES” itself, wherever and wherever they may be.

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