Falasartes e a máquina dos sonhos

Publish date 02-03-2024

by Fraternità della Speranza

This show was born suddenly, as often happens with the most beautiful things at the Arsenale. In August, a friend of ours offers us a no-obligation chat with an artist who is passionate about theatre, and who would like to do something with us. The hypothesis of a Christmas show comes up. We keep it there without betting too much on it, because we receive many good proposals, but being able to materialize them is a completely different thing. And yet Geraldo's availability and determination soon begin to amaze us. He looks for us again, goes ahead and suggests we start theater workshops with our guests to try to build the show together. We are not yet sure of finding someone to finance us, but we are starting to get busy.

Thanks to another friend we manage to have the financial support of the Comolatti industrial group and the institutional support of the Consulate General of Italy and the show becomes reality: it will be staged on 19, 20 and 21 December at the Arsenale della Speranza and the 22 at the Teatro Italia, at the prestigious Palazzo Italia, in the center of San Paolo. It's time to run. We involve a first group of guests and some volunteers and we start the theater workshop at the end of October. Geraldo immediately connects with our house and has the intuition to try to construct scenes starting from the stories and dreams of these men "who came from the street".

Someone would like to embrace the father he lost without being able to reconcile or find serenity after the end of a love affair; someone else has always wanted to be an opera singer or a pastry chef, attend a circus show... All this intertwined with Brazilian popular music and with, at the centre, Josefina, a beautiful dream machine and with the search for the star of Bethlehem.

The result is a very intense hour and a half in which professional actors, acrobats, musicians, volunteers and guests of the Arsenale move in unison, involving and exciting an audience that happily demonstrates that they really need to listen to what our actors they really needed to say.

The Sermig Fraternity in Brazil
NP January 2024

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