The Hermitage biscuits

Publish date 30-05-2021

by Maria Claudia Brunello

A phone call from afar: «I got a box for Christmas and I tasted your cookies. They are very good and I learned that they come from a project to help others». In these days the products of our pastry have passed every red zone to reach many houses far beyond Turin and Piedmont and talk about a good that does not stop. We have organized shipments throughout Italy, right up to the islands. We thanked the internet which allowed us to communicate the same and receive orders from companies and individuals. Of course, we would have liked to talk directly with people, look at each other, but we realize that our products speak for themselves, of goodness, of attention to detail.

The lady on the phone wants to know more: «But is it true that they are made by disabled children?». "If I tell them how they make them, they are more skilled than me: if a cube of chocolate has to weigh 50 grams, rest assured that those made by Luca will weigh exactly 50 grams, not one more and not one less and then they are perfectly recognizable from how he puts the hazelnuts: they are not thrown there at random but right in the center in a nice way». «Do you also prepare Easter packages? I would like to give a special gift to my friends». Yes, here we try not to work only once but to commit ourselves every day of the year and so from the laboratory of the Hermitage we bake cakes, sweets, chocolates. All handmade in an artisanal way to build a piece of goodness in this way too. And people come back: I gave away some nougat but it's already finished, they want more!

It is not just a matter of guts but of head and heart, of time spent learning and trying, of teamwork because we believe in each other seriously and we believe together that a biscuit can pass a while hope, enter homes a little bit of goodness. In 2020 we prepared 18,587 packets of biscuits, many people reached thanks to the help of many.

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Maria Claudia Brunello
NP February 2021

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