It sounds like a fairy tale but it isn't

Publish date 14-04-2021

by Maria Claudia Brunello

Moon Heart does a strange chemo, carries a pouch, is less invasive and painful; it seems to us even less effective, a friend of ours made it at the end of his days, it does not seem a good sign. The analyzes suggest a drastic solution: the amputation of a leg.
The news comes on the same day that Regina di Fiori and Principe di Luce are told that they are healed, that they can go home. At the same time there is to celebrate with those in joy and to console those in tears. In our heart, we do not know how, there is all this; when you love a person you live with her the joys and sorrows of her and when you try to love many, joys and sorrows increase.

Heart of the moon in a wheelchair is shy, suffering. Maybe we are always together with her, maybe that leg has really become just a burden, but when she comes back from the hospital she seems reborn, we are worried about comforting her and instead she climbs and runs with a crutch. She amazes us, her will to live makes us happy. It is a lesson for all of us. Then all of her friends go home. Even that day, a party veiled by a bit of sadness: after the lockdown the flights reopen and five of our boys finally return home, safe and sound. However, the hermitage empties and Cuore di Luna is left alone, not really alone, we are here and there is Camilla.

Two girls of the same age, one has brown hair, the other does not, they do not speak the same language but love each other with the same heart and a friendship is born also made up of mutual prayer.
The brunette girl is now she in the wheelchair and Heart of the Moon lets her know that he is praying for her; the girl in the hospital can't keep anything, not even a cotton bracelet. The nurse takes it off: "Make a wish!".

Two teenagers: one has to make a CT scan on which life depends, the other finishes the operation and receives the outcome of her friend: Moon Heart is healed. "It was my wish!"
It seems like a fairy tale, but it is a true story, a story of friendship, of tears, it is a story of prayer, really a lot. It is the Christmas present that arrives despite everything.
The Christmas plus Christmas of our life in which a lot is taken away from us, but the possibility of hope is not taken away from us.

Maria Claudia Brunello
NP January 2021

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