The unpredictable

Publish date 09-05-2021

by Redazione Sermig

The future is always the future of a present. We design it starting from what we are now. What's the problem? It's just that not everything can be planned. There are some things that cannot be foreseen, which cannot be planned. Here it is. This is the future that has within the word of the event, of the event. Now why is this distinction important? Because today science has made so much progress that it is able to predict the future a lot, but it risks thinking that it can reduce the future to the future. In other words, he thinks he is composing the risk, that he can plan everything and provide everything. Instead there is something that always escapes in my opinion, clearly in this project.

There is a complexity in history, an intertwining that is truly surprising and that today we tend to forget. We think life is here and now, but human time is something else. It is made for example by memory, but also by hope and expectation. So, we cannot reduce history to the moment, but as the philosopher Cassirer says we must put the tangled web of human experience at the center. A dimension in which we also find stops, steps backwards, repetitions, mistakes, errors.

The unexpected can have interesting formulas, for example falling in love. Or in the choice of one you write to engineering and at a certain moment on the basis of fortuitous encounters, he understands that he must change direction, accepting an interesting path of growth. However, the unexpected can also take on terrible forms such as an unforeseen illness or disaster. So welcoming the unexpected is not a game. Yet the unpredictable cannot be eliminated. And therefore you have to prepare yourself with seriousness and sincerity to go through the human adventure with a look a little wider than that relating to your projects, your dreams or your plans.

We are mortal beings and we know that we have a certain number of years. The right thing is to do our part with seriousness and sincerity. We cannot deceive ourselves. For example, you can't get married just because it's beautiful, because there's a family project, or because I've known him / her for 10 years. Are we crazy?
And so I also respect the professions. So, with tranquility, having patience because things are not understood immediately, with the help of the people who surround you and love you, we cannot go through the human experience except with seriousness and sincerity, recognizing the failures and mistakes.

We come to life without deciding it, we have not decided when to be born, where to be born. I add that becoming men and women is not only the fruit of that birth, but it is the fruit of our choices, of our decisions. Becoming a man in the full sense of the term is something that awaits our responsibility, our decision. One can decide not to study, to spend all the time in front of a video game. One can decide never to look at the sky, never look at the sea, can decide never to get involved in an emotional story, limiting oneself to consuming a little sex and that's it. Our life is all made up like this: small choices which, however, constitute something essential. If there is a God, he made sure not to do everything himself, but he wants to leave the responsibility of contributing to each of us. Man is called to become a man! This is cool!

NP February 2021

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