Volunteer at the Arsenal of Hope

Every day, the Arsenal of Hope opens its doors to thousands of people in difficulty, thanks to thousands of people who help us welcome them with dignity and show that another type of world is possible. Thus, volunteering at the Arsenal of Peace is not just a pastime, but a lifestyle.
At the Arsenal of Peace, we are not afraid to ask for help, we rely on Providence, which every day has the name and face of those who respond to our calls. If you wish, you can help us with your time, your intelligence, your abilities, by contributing with a financial donation or by collecting goods like rice, beans, oil, salt and sugar.

Our volunteers work in different places: the bazaar, the library, the laundry room, the medication room, the maintenance, or as consultants in the administration and information technology, for the project "Growing Forest" and much more. Join us! After all, "our happiness is making others happy, too".

If you wish, you can also help us by donating your tax coupon without CPF, or by depositing a sum at Banco Santander - Branch 0144 - Account: 13-003147-6. C.N.P.J.62.459.409 / 0001-28

If you wish to contact us, please write an email to arsenaldaesperanca@sermig.org.br or call us at (11) 2292-0977.

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