Il Vangelo secondo il Vangelo

Publish date 03-03-2021

by Redazione Sermig

The new book by Ernesto Olivero is out

A Word for me



Ernesto Olivero

Ed. Priuli & Verlucca

€ 16.50 - Page 287

ISBN 978-88-8068-971-3

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Presentation don Fabio Rosini

... This text is not a commentary on the Gospels, but the reading of the Good News by a Christian heart. In essence, it is the opportunity to listen to a man of God - because Ernesto is this - who welcomes the Gospel without filters, fresh and incisive as it is. No superstructure, no pre-understanding, no strategy and no defense.
These thoughts on the Gospels are a precious opportunity to "rinse" one's thoughts in the direct and clear thought of a man who does not read the Word of God, but allows himself to be read by the Word of God.
Inundated as we are with catechesis, books, lectures and anything else on the Bible, it is as if we were stunned by the quantity of reading proposals, proposals that often present themselves as definitive, self-affirming, self-absolutizing.
Olivero does not absolutize himself, but the Gospel, and let it be the center of the reading of reality, nothing else.
In each piece that is addressed, the author captures a point, a keystone, a perspective from which to be guided. I don't think his words should be read all in one breath, but metabolized. The things Ernesto says about the Gospel are made to remain in the heart and open a dialogue. It is always like this when a human word is soaked with divine Word: it becomes greater than itself, exceeds its speed, aims at a higher target. It goes further.
Everything I have read in this text is true ...

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