"If the Lord does not build our house, their builders will labor in vain ..."
                                                                                                                                                Psalm 127

"I would like the Brotherhood to make prayer its own breath, its intimate and continuous dialogue with the Lord; a prayer in which one loves with the heart of God, which transforms our house, our houses, into true monasteries."
                                                                                                                                         Ernesto Olivero

 The various moments of prayer of the Brotherhood of Hope are open to all:

DAILY we celebrate the Church's main moments of prayer:

• The morning prayer (Lauds)
• The midday prayer (Angelus)
• The afternoon prayer (Vespers)
Eucharistic Adoration
• The prayer of the Rosary
• The Night Prayer (Complete)

Every Tuesday, at 8 pm, we are in prayer with God's Word, to revive His presence in us and to entrust Him with the people who ask for prayer and all the services and initiatives of the week.

The meeting welcomes the host, volunteers and friends who want to grow together, in unity with the friends of the Arsenals of Italy and Jordan.

Every Saturday, at 5 pm, in the Hall of Fraternal Life, there is the Celebration of Holy Mass (Sunday Liturgy) presided by one of the Fathers of the Fraternity of Hope or Archdiocese of St. Paul: this moment - which gives us the grace of feeding on Jesus - has become an important commitment for many welcome, volunteers, benefactors, and friends.
The Mass is animated by the Choir of Hope.


In the second semester of 2018 we will have retreat mornings (9am to 12pm) on the following Saturdays: August 18th; October 27th and December 15th. Near these dates, more information will be posted on our Facebook page (

The retreats are part of the formation of all those linked to the Brotherhood of Hope to renew our motivations, but they are also open to those who want to know more about our spirituality and charism and grow with us in the hope and desire to do good.

Since 21 September 2011, with the welcome of the Cross and Icon of the World Youth Day in the Arsenal of Hope, in preparation for WYD Rio 2013, the Brotherhood of Hope organizes every September (Bible Month). CONTINUOUS READING OF THE WORD, a week of Bible reading that reaches various points of the city of Sao Paulo and also of Brazil.

In 2018, the “reading week” will run from September 15 to September 22. Many people will organize a Reading Point in their parishes, in their communities, in their schools, in their workplaces and in various other environments, where readers of different realities, ages, pastoral and movement can take turns to give voice to the Book of Word. The invitation is already: join or organize a Reading Point you too!

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