The scent of peace

Publish date 16-07-2022

by Mauro Tabasso

The shower tray in my house is always cluttered with bottles of all kinds of products. My daughter uses shea butter shampoo, my wife bath foam with olive oil, my son uses nettle, and then there's tropical fruit conditioner. The day before yesterday I finished my shower shampoo first price 99 cents from the supermarket so I used a mix of their products, which are also about to run out. I put water in the containers, shaken them well and washed myself in them.
I came out of the bathroom just missing two bay leaves under my armpits to be mistaken for a spring roll.

I was undecided whether to bite into my arm or wash myself again, but with the Cif, then I opted for the deodorant, a type in cream, which does not smell, but which prevents you from smelling like a goat that has rolled on the baskets of fruit and vegetables of the Porta Palazzo market. This product costs like a bottle of good wine, and I often wonder if I would get the same result by putting two ten euro bills under my armpits ... However, mixing too many smells, too many flavors, is like mixing too many sounds, too many noises.
There are some that look good on everything and others that annoy regardless. And precisely in the spirit that has always inspired every self-respecting food processor (mixing, in fact), they have tried to mix us musically (and not) with some friends and colleagues alongside whom we have been walking parallel paths for some time.

The Friends of Sermig of Vicenza organized the resumption of our post-Covid live activities with an evening played under the banner of music shared in harmony.
On February 27th we performed (for the first time) together with our friends The Sun, a band that many of the patrons of our circles know and appreciate. Each of us was able to bring their own testimony together with the music to the 400 or so people who filled (sold out) the very nice Theater of the Diocesan Center of Vicenza.
The evening, scheduled well before the plunge of events in Ukraine, was intended to raise funds and raise awareness of the issues dear to the Arsenal of Peace and its friends (including The Sun), but after the Russian aggression it took (deliberately) a more marked connotation towards peace, justice, dialogue, disarmament, and above all forgiveness, perhaps the most powerful weapon in making peace explode.
We hope that the evening has released all its best perfume, the fragrance of a possible peace, as well as desirable.

Mauro Tabasso
NP March 2022

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