God loves barbecue

Publish date 25-02-2021

by Mauro Tabasso

There are books that I have read several times, I found them so interesting. One of these is the Bible, which I completely syruped noticing with each reading new nuances that had previously escaped me. In the last lap, for example, I realized that God loves barbecue. Rereading the book of Leviticus, to the seventh goat consumed by fire, "perfume pleasing to the Lord", this becomes evident. Another aspect (which I am certainly not the first to notice) is that the Ephesians, with all the letters that St. Paul wrote to them, never deigned to answer.

Not even a card at Christmas. But who were these Ephesians? Certainly people of few words. So I asked myself: how many words are there? Do I answer who is writing to me? In fact, yes, I answer everyone, at least I try, but not everyone reciprocates my courtesy. In some cases I might be luckier with the Ephesians, or the Corinthians (other gentlemen who have never deigned). But basically I respect people of few words, who at least don't waste your time in useless chatter. So the question becomes another: do I find the time and the will to respond to life? Do I react to the signs of the times or do I ignore it? And if I don't respond to life, who should I respond to? I have always been convinced that this pandemic is not a letter, but a registered letter.

We have not answered before, so the universe wants to be sure that the message has arrived. But did it really arrive? Are we taking the opportunity that history has notified us or are we losing correspondence? Sorry, St. Paul, but the post office has lost your letter, or mine ... If we do not take the opportunity to learn and respond to the signals, probably after this registered letter another one will follow, which instead of Corona will be called Uragano Attila, Virus Apecheronza, Tsunami Acquaalta, or who knows what other scary and apocalyptic name we will invent. We must respond promptly, this is the lesson.

The Earth, the climate, the universe, everything, nothing and what else are not patient like St. Paul, who being a saint was endowed with proverbial patience ... No, those are entities to which the chain falls easily , and when they get angry then you can hear them. And the music, is it responding? Is art responding? Are they doing their job and that is to raise the spirit of man? I have the impression that they work cultivating the vegetable garden of their own personal interest, like all other sectors of the market. The goal of the musician was (first) to sell you a record, (now) to let you listen to it in streaming and collect monetizable views, then take you to his concerts (when they were done), let you participate in his events, his direct , sell you its merchandising products and so on.

All things more than legitimate. But who does he put first in his work? And how do I invest all the emotions it makes me feel? Do I transform them or do I disperse them? Like the Ephesians, I have no answers, but I seek them. Life, like Saint Paul, continues to write to me without pause and without getting tired. To change it, I just have to learn to respond, possibly a little quickly.

Mauro Tabasso
NP December 2020

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