Our peacekeeping missions

Our peacekeeping and emergency missions

We want to guarantee our presence in situations of extreme emergency, like wars and natural disasters.

Countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Somalia and the Horn of Africa, Yugoslavia, Mozambique, Mexico, Rwanda, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Haiti and Japan
Our partners: Caritas Jordan, Caritas Lebanon, Caritas Iraq, Red Crescent Movement, Italian contingent in Somalia, the Vatican, Missione Arcobaleno, and different religious orders.
Locations: various
Period of time: 1964-2012, and ongoing

Our purpose: like for all our other projects, also our peacekeeping missions derive from the meeting with local communities hit by wars and natural disasters. Our condition has always been to be able to meet and help people belonging to different factions, to show that men always keep their dignity, no matter what ideas they support.
Our objective is double:
- we wish to testify the power of sharing in contexts of war and violence and act to promote peace
- we wish to help people in need by sending necessities and also with our physical presence on the spot, when the situation allows it

Our achievements:
- realisation of a field hospital, buying of an ambulance and assistance to war victims in Lebanon
- assistance to earthquake victims in Mexico
- assistance to Gulf War refugees in Jordan and Iraq and Kurdish refugees in Turkey
- assistance to Bosnia war victims
- assistance to earthquake victims in Turkey
- assistance to Kosovo population during the war
- assistance to Serbian, Rwandan and Afghan children victims of war
- assistance to Mozambique flood victims
- realisation of a youth centre and its lab in Mostar, Bosnia
- reconstruction of a centre for the assistance of disabled people destroyed by an earthquake in India
- housing project for war victims in Palestine
- housing, school and formation provision for refugee Afghan children in Pakistan
- assistance to victims and refugees of the Second Gulf War in Iraq and Jordan
- assistance to earthquake victims in Iran
- help in the reconstruction of villages hit by a tsunami in India
- collaboration in the building of a hospital in Haiti
- help and assistance for refugees
- buying and sending of materials like medicines and food

Overall value of all the materials we have sent: 87.153.000 euros

Fund distributions: 3.688.950 euros

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