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Publish date 25-07-2020


A further 32,000 trees were planted in Mkiu, Tanzania.


We may not have a clear perception of it, but wood is still one of the most important resources in the world. About a third of the world's population, i.e. 2.4 billion people, use wood as their main resource for cooking, for boiling water, for heating (FAO - The State of World Forests 2018).

Deforestation, still inefficient use, in many places have made wood a scarce resource, and the environment depleted; however conservation and resource production can go together. The 'cultivation of the forest' is an instrument of sustainable human development: a substantial economic benefit, meanwhile we act in many aspects of care for the environmental balance.


In recent months, despite the great fear of the health emergency, and with the precautions that have long been adopted, in Mkiu - Tanzania, as part of the development project of the Parish animated by his friend Father Innocent Ngaillo, a further great step, which joins the other similar initiatives promoted so far.

The Parish had in January an additional 70 acres (almost 30 hectares) of slopes of the valley, which was purchased - with self-produced resources from the agricultural and craft activities already underway - as it was offered at very favorable conditions, following an intervention by the Father Innocent to fix the aqueduct of a village in the area, putting it back into use.

Thanks to the help of some friends who made the job possible, the seeds were purchased and a nursery with 32,000 eucalyptus and pine seedlings (at a cost of 1 euro for every 32 seedlings) was immediately built and then, weeks ago, put to dwell in the ground, in short times to avail of the favorable season for the plant.

Today it is found that planting has given a good result.


It will still take a lot of time - several years - and care, but, once again, the large wood that is being born will be an additional important support for the management of the existing works for the community - asylum, agricultural training - and those that will come - dispensary / maternity, orphanage, aqueduct ...

In the spirit of the works themselves, of which we support the realization by creating conditions for a subsequent management in full autonomy thanks to the resources of initiatives in the agricultural and handicraft field, another piece where environment and human promotion support each other.


"We try to plant at least 20 seedlings for each tree we cut to ensure there are always plants and vegetation for the future."

Father Innocent Ngaillo, parish priest of Mkiu


Sermig Re.Te. Association for the development

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