Today Giorgio Ceragioli would have turned 90 years old

Publish date 24-06-2020


Today our dear friend Giorgio Ceragioli would have turned 90 years old. He is celebrating them with us in the Arsenale in Cielo.

We remembered it with an article published in '92 on our monthly magazine Nuovo Progetto. Always current. Thanks Giorgio for letting us look to the future with confidence.

Welcoming the future that passes by

This is basically welcoming the future: the willingness to change by placing one's trust in God. Willingness to change which means living in the future, that is, being at ease in situations other than those we are used to. Each of us is comfortable in his home, with his relatives, with his friends, in his room, in the village or in the neighborhood where he lives. When one has to move, one begins to have fears, difficulties: why? Because it goes to live in the future, in an unknown situation, as are all the situations of the future. Probably the only possibility to live in the future, that is to be comfortable in the future, is to have faith in God and to dwell in Christ, as John says in his first letter, but with that profound sense of Christianity that leads to a busy but peaceful way of life. One dwells in God as one dwells in one's own home, one is peaceful in God as one is peaceful in one's own home, together with one's relatives, together with one's friends. If we were able to dwell in God when we think of the future, of the things that are not yet, we will perhaps be able to welcome this future more easily even when it passes by us, even when it begins to materialize near us.

Each of us must learn to welcome ourselves into the future: in the coming months, in the coming years, because in the future each of us will be different from what we are today. Welcoming tomorrow will mean welcoming us older, sometimes more sick, sometimes more tired, sometimes more generous, more capable of commitment, sometimes capable of doing things that once we had not been able to do. It's all a change that requires availability, the ability to feel good, at home even to the limit in a caravan, in a mobile home that moves into the future, together with the future. These abilities to welcome ourselves, the abilities that God gives us, are to be lived day by day, month by month.

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