I am with Isaiah

Publish date 11-12-2022

by Ernesto Olivero

The prophet predicts a time when weapons will be transformed into work tools and there will be no more wars.
It is not the vision of a dreamer, it is the commitment entrusted to the generations that follow one another throughout history.
Today is our present.
We know that weapons kill, we know that wars leave inextricable trails of hatred and poverty.
The Arsenale della Pace has chosen the path of goodness that disarms. Every day thousands of people walk it with conviction and for free, sharing their time, their knowledge, their possessions.
And in the meantime the prophecy makes its way.
I am with Isaiah.
I desire with all my heart what Isaiah desired millennia ago and that never goes out of style.
And in the meantime, as a concrete sign of this desire, a sign of flesh and effort, of care and love, we continue with even more determination to help the least, immigrants, the poor, foreigners, the victims of so much violence.
This is mine, our identity, which also makes me say I am Isaiah, this is our path and nothing will make us abandon it.

Ernesto Olivero
NP December 2022

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