Young people who make the news: you can start from them again

Publish date 16-09-2020

by Chiara Vitali

Don Matteo, curate of Nembro (BG), one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, receives a particular call at the beginning of May. Beyond the handset, a familiar voice says “I am Pope Francis. It's not a joke". Thus began the Pope's emotional thanks for the commitment of the Nembrese community at the time of the hardest health emergency. The call ends with a "Say hello and thank your kids".

Since the first weeks of the emergency, the community has mobilized in an exemplary way. «First the mayor asked the curate of our oratory to help him with the distribution of information leaflets and masks. With 50 young people from our community we distributed the material in all the tapes of the country. We also brought a booklet that tells the coronavirus like a fairy tale, for the little ones. We have taken action: there is a great desire to help out »says one of the volunteers. The oratory's activities have moved online: meetings, moments of prayer and sharing. A home-help space, which usually involves more than 70 young people, has become virtual thanks to two young volunteers. And the material sent by the teachers is printed and brought to all the students who do not have a computer. The little ones are offered challenges of circus, magic, cooking, art, through videos made by young people, disseminated on social channels and sent to families.

Online is the sharing of the moods of the community: the virtual space "free thoughts" gathers them all: videos, writings, drawings. “We weren't prepared but we found ourselves facing a new, dramatic, unpredictable situation. What are we learning from this situation? What ideas are born in us? ». Don Matteo saw great good in his boys: «A collective commitment that testifies to the desire to create a society that is more supportive and attentive to others. May he never feel alone or abandoned ». An asset that will remain written in the heart of the community and that today indicates a solid way to start afresh.

Chiara Vitali
NP june-july 2020

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