With the plus sign

Publish date 13-01-2022

by Michelangelo Dotta

Alongside the daily bulletin with graphic highlights of the new Covid infected, the fluctuating numbers of hospitalizations, intensive care and deaths accompanied by the statistics of the recovered, on national television screens, TG in the head, has become increasingly present and meaningful the page of the economy with unexpected numbers of national growth on our face. GDP in surprising recovery, production that starts again in a big way, exports above all hope, investors who return en masse to bet on the "Bel Paese", in short, all a chirping of positive data on which not many would have bet, at least short term.

What happened to Italy during the summer heat, a classic period of holiday relaxation in which the problems of forgetting or going well are postponed but certainly not addressed, is a nice question to which every politician and every Italian provides and tries to accredit the its version. Each, in his own way, gives himself part of the credit ... the government that made the right choices ... the vaccinations that work ... the Italians who worked harder ... the right blocking of layoffs ... a rediscovered national pride that has been dormant for some time ... respect for the rules ... the discovery of smart-working ... the calls with friends near and far ... the DAD ... the discovery of the pleasure that lies in the little things ... the children at home ... the beauty of cooking and having lunch with the family ... aid from Europe ... a system that is beginning to work ... in short, a national rebirth that has surprised everyone and spreads over everyone regardless of ideologies, political beliefs and social class.

The statistics and the television images tell us of accommodation activities that are working at full speed, of the great return of foreign tourists, of sold-out restaurants and hotels, of mountains, lakes and beaches literally taken by assault, of an Italy capable of to satisfy the most diverse palates and appetites from all points of view as a sort of moral and material redemption after long months of forced inactivity. It is a nice surprise and probably a part of the truth is hidden in every voice but surely two elements have a significant weight in this positive phase: the economic fallout of an Italian tourism that has largely abandoned foreign routes and opted for national wonders and a prime minister who, with an anomalous majority, who in the end votes together, manages to impose his decisions ... until now all this had never happened and it is to be hoped that this magical alchemy will last over time .

Michelangelo Dotta

NP Ottobre 2021


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