Publish date 05-07-2021

by Gianni Giletti


Tori Amos – Silent all these years

Tori Amos is the kind of artist who often lacks - always and only in the opinion of the writer, eh - one euro to make a million. Great voice, beautiful intention, sweet and soft musicality, but sometimes also decisive, often exceeds in meowing and in the songs all a bit the same ... Here, however, we listen to it willingly, a song with crooked chords as your rubricist likes, going up and down with beautiful dynamics and intensity, brilliant musical idea. In short, passed with full marks.


The Doobie Bros. – Dangerous

Racing track, arm out the window, highway at sunset… in short, the whole collective imagination of the USA.

I make no effort to explain who the Doobie Brothers are: their millions of records sold, their millions of kilometers traveled around the States and the whole world to bring the healthy verb of hard-country-rock-blues and who knows what. 'other, they speak for them.

I only tell you that it is a band well represented by this tug of war, free-range rock, killer solo and embellished with a few breaths and the initial acoustic solo.

Go west, young man.


Heather Maloney – Fire for you

How angry the tone of this voice makes me! I don't really like it, yet ...

Yet I listen to it with pleasure. The reason is the composition, really imaginative, he will sing that I don't like, but he writes like a phenomenon.

Track that does not give you points of reference, makes you go around like a moron and takes you wherever it wants. All with almost nothing, little guitar with cheek, rhythm to the minimum union, accompanying piano, low 70s timbre, two choirs on the cross.

Yet it fascinates. Beautiful.


NP Marzo 2021

Gianni Giletti

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