The year of two

Publish date 24-05-2022

by Sandro Calvani

"We have lived over 2,000 years of Christian civilization" is a very common expression in the West to underline the long journey of our history and our culture. In 2000 the Catholic Church celebrated our second millennium with a jubilee and the next one is scheduled for 2025. If you think about it, since Christianity was born after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our 2,000 years are not yet accomplished. Furthermore, for at least two or three centuries after the beginnings of Christianity, a Christian civilization could hardly be recognized anywhere in the world. And finally, in recent years, some studies have shown the incorrect dating of the birth of Jesus which in reality should be recalculated between the year 4 and 6 BC. For lovers of numerology, 2022 is the third year of the Gregorian calendar which contains the number 2 three times. To me, as a second child, the number 2 is nice. The creation story features two human beings, the Earth has been spinning for billions of years paired with the Moon, our human evolution seems to prefer many two, such as legs, hands, lungs, eyes. Our brain also has two sides that perform different functions and both water and oxygen, essential elements of life, are made up of pairs of atoms.

In the East, the ballet of calendar numbers is even more lively. We are about to enter the year 4719 of the traditional Chinese calendar, used for holidays, while for official matters the Gregorian year is used by will revolutionary by Mao Tse Dong. In Thailand and in several other Buddhist countries, 2565 is about to begin, calculated from the birth of the Buddha. In the Hindu world, everything is ready to welcome 2079. For the eastern lunar calendars, the New Year of 2022 is February 1, 2022, 02/01/2022, which will also be the third year of the Chinese series of twelve animals. 2022 (or 4719) will be the year of the water tiger, which replaced the lion, who was the first king at the beginning of the ancient Chinese zodiac. The tiger is one of the most loved of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs: it means luck and trust. According to Chinese culture, the new king (# 2) of the jungle is not only beautiful but also powerful and people born under this sign are said to possess confidence, ambition and courage; they are also known to have an innate sense of justice. Among those born in a year of the tiger are Queen Elizabeth II, Steve Wonder, Leonardo Di Caprio, Penelope Cruz and Lady Gaga.

According to the official forecast, 2022 will be a year of risk and adventure. We will find enthusiasm, both for ourselves and for others. Generosity will grow vigorously and the harm done by those with exaggerated egos will be reduced. New successful teams will be born in different fields, with a new optimism in creative projects. There will therefore be plenty of space for those seeking to go beyond themselves: each becoming neighbor is a triumph of going out from one to two.

Sandro Calvani
NP February 2022

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