Publish date 22-10-2020

by Fabio Arduini

It seems to derive from rubiglia, which in turn is linked to “vicia ervilia”, one of the first plants made cultivable and today called vecciola. It is the etymology that sheds light on the specific characteristic of the tangle compared to other words such as intertwining and tangle: these in fact photograph an intricate situation. While the tangle has, in addition, the fact that it is a living thing, which continues to grow, becomes more complicated.
Well suited to illustrate the clutter of things when it seems to come to life, or the problems that become more and more difficult to solve. In addition to everything else, resorting to violence is also not at all strategic, so much so that the roots throw back more vigorous than before. The tangles are instead dissolved by the hands that let themselves be piloted, which know how to find a teacher in history and be students. In this way, from tangled situations, new sources of food and new forms of peace can be born.

Fabio Arduini
NP august-september 2020

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