Stop Wars

Publish date 26-06-2022

by Luca Periotto

The Haus der Statistik is a building that stands boldly in the center of Berlin.
Those who visit the capital of Germany cannot fail to notice the government building, and not because it is abandoned. The "STOP WARS" political slogan affixed to the front does not go unnoticed and is well known to Berliners.
The Haus der Statistik Model project paved the way for the development of space. The site will transform into a gallery for artists, culture and education. Housing and a new town hall and a new building of 65,000 m² will also be built within the existing building.
In 1968 the building became the Central Statistical Office, until after the reunification of Germany.
It was later redeemed by the Berlin Senate to save it from demolition.
It was abandoned in 2008 and has since been left in ruins.

Luca Periotto
NP March 2022

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