Returning human and Tutankhamun

Publish date 09-04-2023

by Aurora Antonucci

Be human again
by Susanna Tamaro
Solferino, 2022

Susanna Tamaro weaves in these pages a profound and necessary reflection on nature and our place in the world, giving voice with the intensity of a great writer to the doubts of many, not only on the past management of the pandemic but on the future intentions of a science and of a policy that seems to have contracted the most dangerous virus: blindness to the truth of life.

The discovery of the young pharaoh
by Christian Greco
DeAgostini, 2022

An exciting and timeless story told to the children by the director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin who explains how an archaeological excavation worked a hundred years ago, and what was the method of investigation followed after the opening of the tomb. How do you decipher the traces of the past and save the artifacts. And it also describes the thrill and joy of laying eyes on wonders buried for millennia. Among stolen treasures, nocturnal visits, sarcophagi sealed by time and fake news (such as the famous curse of the pharaoh.

Aurora Antonucci
NP January 2023

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